Only Canadian consumers had access to this tidy-looking DeSoto.

By now you probably know the drill; We give you an abstract portion of a brochure cover, and you have to guess the vehicle featured. For this quiz we’re featuring cars that were available to Canadians, but NOT Americans.

When you’re done guessing, scroll down to see the entire brochure cover. For this quiz we’re going to call correctly identifying three of the five vehicles a job well done. Get all five correct and we’ll etch your name into the walls of the Palace of Vehicular Obscurati.

Please enjoy this nod to our readers and neighbors up North, and let us know how you did. And be sure to share this quiz with a friend.

The 60’s European Auto Brochure Power Quiz



Quiz Image #1


1962 Acadian-01

Quiz Image #2


1967 Beaumont-01

Quiz Image #3



Quiz Image #4


Stellar 198901

Quiz Image #5








The 70s Brochure Power Quiz

The 80s Brochure Power Quiz










Not really a Ford or Mercury, but a line unto itself, it’s a Fronternac.


1962 Acadian-01

The 1962 Pontiac Acadian was a Chevy II, too.


1967 Beaumont-01

Once an Acadian trim level, the Beaumont became its own line in 1966. Think Chevelle with a cool other-world grille, and you have the right idea.



It used to be easier to import cars into Canada than it was into the U.S. Not a lot of U.S. car shoppers lost sleep over the lack of Soviet-era iron in local dealerships.


Stellar 198901

Well before Hyundai entered the U.S. market in 1986, the Korean car builder was selling compact Pony and midsize Stellar models to our Canadian friends. We never got the Stellar down south here. The Pony’s replacement, Excel, was the first Hyundai sold in the U.S.

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