1981 Volkswagen Jetta. Car Brochures
Quiz image number 1.

Think you’re ready for a challenge? This one is pretty straightforward, though perhaps not all that easy. Above and below please find five image abstracts extracted from random Eighties auto brochures. Can you identify these Reagan-era rides?

The only promise we make is this: The vehicles in question were available for sale in the United States. Best of luck! Oh, and the answers can be found below.

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Car Brochures

1981 Dodge Mirada
Quiz image number 2.


1986 LeBaron GTS
Quiz image number 3.


1986 Thunderbird
Quiz image number 4.


1986 Camaro
Quiz image number 5.


Scroll down for the answers






1. 1981 Volkswagen Jetta

2. 1981 Dodge Mirada

3. 1986 Chrysler LeBaron GTS

4. 1986 Ford Thunderbird

5. 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

How did you do? Let us know. The place to leave comment is down below.


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