Car Ads Featuring Dogs
1955 Ford Thunderbird

There are few topics more divisive these days than politics. The national argument is famously two sided, with seemingly fewer and fewer folks located near the center of the discussion.

But for all the fury and bluster associated with the current Right versus Left conflict, there is another national squabble that is no less contentious, even if it is slightly less vitriolic. I’m talking about the cat versus dog argument.

If you’re a cat person, you likely cite feline qualities such as cleanliness, intelligence, and ease of maintenance. If you’re arguing for the pro-dog camp, you probably list loyalty and friendliness as primary canine charms.


Yes, there are those who love both cats AND dogs, but these are the sorts of people who are reluctant to make fun of the Spice Girls. We will dismiss these statistical outliers as crazy and not discuss them further.

Though I myself am a cat person, I cannot deny the single truth that makes dogs cooler than cats: Dogs love car rides.

To celebrate that bond between automobiles and our canine buddies, we have collected ten classic print ads featuring dogs, and one recent TV ad celebrating the relationship between dogs and pickup trucks.

If you happen to have a cat that enjoys car rides, please let us know. We’ll make note of the aberration.

More classic auto ads

Classic Car Ads Featuring Dogs

1924 Willys-Knight

1924 Willys-Knight Ad, Dog
1924 Willys-Knight Ad


1925 Lincoln

1925 Lincoln Ad
1925 Lincoln Ad


1949 Jeep

1949 Jeep
1949 Jeep Ad


1950 Lincoln

1949 Lincoln Ad
1950 Lincoln Ad


1954 Chevrolet

1954 Chevrolet Ad
1954 Chevrolet Ad

Big Dogs Prefer the Jetta SportWagen


1955 Ford Thunderbird

1955 Ford Thunderbird Ad
1955 Ford Thunderbird Ad


1966 Fisher Body

1966 Fisher Body Ad
1966 Fisher Body Ad


1967 Plymouth

1967 Plymouth Ad
1967 Plymouth Sport Fury Ad


1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout

1972 AMC Hornet Ad
1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout Ad


1976 Dodge D100

1976 Dodge D100 Ad
1976 Dodge D100 Ad

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Car Ads Featuring Dogs

Big Dogs Prefer Volkswagens

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