1971+Ford+Pinto, Horses
This pinto-meets-Pinto pic was featured in a 1971 ad for Ford’s still-new compact.

Not too long ago editor John Biel put together a collection of classic car ads that included swimming pool, airport, and golf-course imagery. Turns out a lot of carmakers saw value in the positive associations potential buyers made with said images.

Likewise, there’re more than a few car ads featuring the visage of nothing less beloved than the noble horse.

It makes sense. The ratio of good associations people make with horses to bad ones is hugely biased towards the good. That is, unless you’ve recently spent some time cleaning out one of these noble beast’s stalls.

Presented here are five horse-centric ads we found especially charming.

1923-06-23 Jordan Playboy
Quite possibly the most-famous print car ad of all time, this 1923 pitch for the Jordan Playboy boasts some of Madison Avenue’s most-celebrated sell copy.


Willys Knight DeLuxe Sedan
This 1930 Willys Knight came to just over $10 per horsepower. Disclaimer: Consumer Guide does not recommend holding second gear up to 48 mph in any car built before 1940.


Credit, perhaps, a week franc, at $1775 this 1970 Renault 10 started $99 lower than a same-year Volkswagen Beetle. The horse doesn’t look impressed.

More Classic ads:

V6 Madness

V8 Madness

Bikini Madness

1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Ad, Horses
It’s worth noting that this pitch for the 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a Canadian-market ad.

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