Volkswagen GTI Ad, Car Commercials with Great Music
Volkswagen GTI Ad

I listened to a lot of music in high school, so it stands to reason that my earliest memories of driving are intertwined with recollections of the music I was listening to at the time. I wasn’t into the Rolling Stones yet, but I loved the Beatles, and spent plenty of time shoving Billy Joel, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Dire Straits cassettes into the Radio Shack head unit in my 1976 Pontiac Ventura.

And there’s money to be made on memories like this. Advertisers are good at locating the nostalgia receptors in our brains, and prying loose the positive associations we make with things like cars and music.

What I have gathered here are five of my favorite car commercials featuring great music well employed… the kind of ads that exactly play on memories like mine from high school. I still remember the first time I watched the Volkswagen GTI ad shown below. I would have sold several of my vital organs to for ten minutes of seat time in a GTI after seeing that ad. Fortunately for me, I couldn’t find a ready customer for my spleen.

Have a favorite car commercial? Tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.

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1984 Volkswagen GTI

Music: Kleiner GTI, a German-language cover of Little GTO by Ronny and the Daytonas.

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1996 Infiniti J30

Music: Take Five by the Dave Brubeck Quartet

Featuring: Jonathan Pryce

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1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Music: Jung at Heart by Master Cylinder

Ad Name: Synchronicity

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2009 Jaguar XF


Music: Hush by Deep Purple

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2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Music: Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones

Featuring: Willem Dafoe

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