Cars of Walmart
Spotted this morning in the Walmart parking lot. Hanging from the bumper? A product known commercially as Truck Nuts™.

Inspired by the People of Walmart website, I present the Cars of Walmart. The five rides shared here were all found this morning at the same time at the Walmart closest to our Chicago-area office.

It’s my opinion that an even better collection of modified and/or neglected vehicles might be part of a post titled the Cars of Radio Shack. Unfortunately, one would have to watch a Radio Shack parking lot for days to come up with anything like the volume of cars one sees at a Walmart at any given time.

Know of a good place to watch for misfit cars and trucks? Tell us about it.

Cars of Walmart, Part 2


The strangest thing about this semi-custom van has to be its ride height. Useful as a vacation cruiser, the kids can sleep under this Dodge.


This bare-bones coupe is in better condition than any 25-year-old Sentra has a right to be.


We like the wheels on this lightly modded Grand Prix, but seriously question the Kelly green calipers.


We’re pretty sure this car will be kept running for another 20 years, but it will never be just one color ever again.

Cars of Walmart, Part 3

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