Walmart Cars

We’re pretty sure there’s an obesity-epidemic joke here someplace. Long-time Chicagoans know that Jays are among the best potato chips on earth.

Everything we share here was found in the parking lot (or an adjacent lot) of the Walmart nearest Consumer Guide global headquarters at 8:35 this morning. If you’ve seen anything interesting of late, be sure to tell us about it. The place for comments is down below the last car. Cars of Walmart.

Cars of Walmart, Part 1


Cars of Walmart

We can’t remember the last time we saw a modded Daewoo Lanos–actually we can’t recall the last time we saw a Lanos at all. We should have checked to see if those wheels are the same size.


Cars of Walmart

We have no doubt that the hood scoops on this Crown Victoria are functional, just like the chrome wheel-lip molding.


Cars of Walmart

Tinted glass? Check. Japanese characters on back glass? Check. Crazy graphics? Check. Huge exhaust tip? On order.


Cars of Walmart

Nothing strange here, just a truck that has seen a hard life. One wonders what happened to the front wheel that didn’t happen to the rear. Could be brake dust, but it looks more caustic than that.

Cars of Walmart, Part 2

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