Sexist Honda Ad, Submissive Women
Who is this ad aimed at? (1972 Honda Ad)

The message in these vintage ads is pretty clear. Buy the right car and you’ll get all the women you deserve. That’s if you’re a guy. If you’re a woman, well, maybe you should consult your husband or boyfriend before making such a big purchase decision.

The auto industry is a different place this century, but it’s always amusing to looking back and see how simple—and often sexist—things once were. You know, back when Buick had a way with women.

Vintage Sexism

Apparently, if you drive a car without air conditioning the ladies will just line up to spend time with you. This pre-Civic ad appeared in 1972.


Is it pandering to suggest that a woman wants an automobile “free from complication?” Shown is a 1951 Buick Riviera Hardtop.


While this technically isn’t a car ad, the message remains clear; Guys who tend to their white walls with steel wool will enjoy the company of swooning maidens.

Hello Ladies! Classic Car Brochure Art For Happy Women


Dude, crush her spirit, she’s asking for it. And with 1400cc on tap, you’ll have all the woman-taming power you’ll need. Shown here is a 1973 GL Coupe.


Wow, whistling at the honeys can be fatiguing. Why not automate your subjugation of women? Only $4.00 delivered, and it makes “other weird noises,” too? Sign us up.

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