1978 Dodge Magnum XE

1978 Dodge Magnum XE

One thing Dodge lacks that Chevrolet and Ford have always enjoyed is a memorable—and arguably beloved—brand logo. The Chevy “bowtie” is genuinely iconic, while Ford’s script-in-blue-oval marker as much a symbol of American freedom as it is a trademark.

Dodge had the “fratzog,” but it came and went in the Sixties, with little fanfare and less emotion. Today’s parallel-red-line logo, which is intended to emulate fender racing stripes, is a little too simple to these eyes, and not evocative of anything of value.

Dodge logos

Dodge’s first logo (left) was arguably too religious in appearance for commercial application. The “fratzog” (center) came and went in the Sixties, but is still recognizable to brand loyalists. Dodge’s current logo makes use of parallel racing stripes.

But even without a memorable badge, Dodge cars have earned a place in the hearts of many Americans. A maker of muscle cars, an historic competitor to Pontiac, and a value vehicle priced just above the “low-cost three,” Dodge is a brand with a very loyal following.

For those loyalists, and anyone who just loves classic car advertising, we have amassed ten of our favorite Dodge magazine ads.

As always, we haven’t tried to tell the brand history in just ten ads—Dodge’s story is just too rich. Instead, we’ve collected a random sample of stuff we enjoy looking at.

A Suggestion for Chrysler: Bring Back Cab Forward . . . and the Fratzog!


1929 Dodge Senior Coupe

1929 Dodge Ad

1929 Dodge Senior Coupe Ad


1941 Dodge

1941 Dodge Ad

1941 Dodge Ad


1950 Dodge De Luxe and Special De Luxe

1950 Dodge Ad

1950 Dodge De Luxe and Special De Luxe Ad


1955 Dodge Lancer

1955 Dodge Ad

1955 Dodge Lancer Ad


1967 Dodge Coronet

1967 Dodge Ad

1967 Dodge Coronet Ad


1969 Dodge Polara

1969 Dodge Polara ad

1969 Dodge Polara Ad

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1973 Dodge Charger

1973 Dodge ad

1973 Dodge Charger Ad


1976 Dodge Aspen

1976 Dodge ad

1976 Dodge Aspen Ad


1978 Dodge Magnum XE

1978 Magnum XE

1978 Dodge Magnum XE Ad


1981 Dodge Aries

1981 Dodge Ad

1981 Dodge Aries Ad

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