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In it’s Fuel Economy Trends report, the EPA ranks U.S. vehicle retailers. Here’s how those companies stack up in terms of fleet fuel economy for 2013.

The U.S. new-vehicle fleet is the most efficient it’s ever been, this according to the 2014 edition of the EPA’s Fuel Economy Trends report.

Per the report, the average fuel economy of the new-vehicle fleet rose to 24.1 mpg for 2013, up .5 mpg over 2012. Included in the report are the EPA’s manufacturer estimates for 2014, which we present below.

The EPA’s numbers represent a sales-weighted average of all vehicles sold by a manufacturer in a given year, and exclude vehicles with a gross-vehicle-weight rating (GVWR) over 8500 pounds.

Note that the figures presented here are based on EPA numbers as seen on a new vehicle’s window sticker, and are not the same as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) numbers which typically run about 20 percent higher.

The 54.5-mpg average that manufacturers are required to achieve by the year 2025 is based on the higher CAFE average.

Also note that the EPA has excluded Hyundai (including the maker’s Kia brand) from this list, pending further investigation into that maker’s admission of having marketed vehicles with exaggerated fuel-economy claims.

The top, bolded fuel-economy numbers are for 2013, the most-recent year for which numbers are available.

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Most Fuel-Efficient Car Companies


Mazda: 28.1 mpg

  U.S. brand: Mazda

  2012 mileage: 27.1

   2014 est. mileage: 28.8





Honda: 27.4 mpg

Honda Logo

  U.S. brands: Acura, Honda

  2012 mileage: 26.6

  2014 est. mileage: 27.6




Subaru: 26.7 mpg

Subaru Logo

  U.S. brand: Subaru

  2012 mileage: 25.2

  2014 est. mileage: 27.5




Nissan: 26.2 mpg

Nissan Logo

 U.S. brands: Infiniti, Nissan

  2012 mileage: 24.1

  2014 est. mileage: 26.8


Volkswagen: 25.7 mpg

Volkswagen Logo


  U.S. brands: Audi, Bentley Bugatti, Lamborghini, Volkswagen

  2012 mileage: 25.5

  2014 est. mileage: 26.7



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Toyota: 25.1 mpg

Toyota Logo


  U.S. brands: Lexus, Scion, Toyota

  2012 mileage 25.6

  2014 est. mileage: 25.8





BMW: 24.5 mpg

BMW Logo


  U.S. brands: BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce 

   2012 mileage: 23.7

   2014 est. mileage: 26.0





Daimler: 22.4 mpg

 U.S. brands: Mercedes-Benz, Smart

  2012 mileage: 21.1

  2014 est. mileage: 22.8



Ford: 22.2 mpg


  U.S. brands: Ford, Lincoln

  2012 mileage: 22.8

  2014 est. mileage: 23.4




General Motors: 22.0 mpg

General Motors Logo


   U.S. brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC

   2012 mileage: 21.7

   2014 est. mileage: 22.0





Fiat Chrysler: 20.9

   U.S. brands: Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat,   

  Ram, SRT

   2012 mileage: 20.1

   2014 est. mileage: 21.1

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