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Is your commute killing you?

If you have a long commute to and from work, it could be taking a much greater toll on you than you might think.

Commuting Hell: I am Sick of Looking at the Back of Your Car

With data provided by College@Home, an organization that allows students to browse a free collection of courseware, we would like to share their graph. It offers a combination of visuals and stats that show how the number of hours we spend sitting in traffic every day is directly related to a variety of negative effects on our health and emotions.

“We thought it would be interesting to create data visualization on this topic, since so many of us can relate to it in our daily lives,” explained Jen Rhee from College@Home.

So check out this graph if you feel that sitting in traffic is sucking the life out of you—because it actually might be. I always knew I was becoming much more of a b—- (I mean, more crabby), and now I have proof as to why! Read on…

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Commuting Stress

Killer Commute graphic (full), Commuting Stress

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