1960, Red Car Ads
1960 Willys Jeep brochure

Folks don’t buy a lot of red cars, but they do like to look at them. According to automotive paint supplier DuPont, red was only the fifth most popular new-car color in 2012. The most popular? Plain vanilla while. Snooze.

You can read more about the DuPont list of the ten most-popular new-car colors here.

Presented here are five very, very red car ads. Seems carmakers have known for a long time, red sells, even if we’re more apt to buy white…or silver, or gray.

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1955 DeSoto ad


1955 Imperial Ad-03
1955 Imperial ad

Cyan Madness! Ten Classic Car Ads Featuring Blue Cars


1960 Plymouth brochure


1968 Dodge Charger ad

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