2014 Dodge Durango Limited

2014 Dodge Durango Limited

Chicago radio legends Steve and Johnnie take the 2014 Dodge Durango Limited for a video test drive. What did they think of their Hemi-powered test vehicle? Watch and find out.

2014 Dodge Durango Limited


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About Steve and Johnnie:

We’ve been hanging out/dating/married/doing radio and, occasionally, TV/organizing garage sales/collecting guitars and frogs/going to early door buster events/sharing our enthusiasm for Sherlock Holmes, Walt Disney, just about every kind of music and interesting things on wheels/agreeing and disagreeing with Simon Cowell, politicians and even more pompous “talking heads” together since the early 1980’s.

Up until December of 2011, almost 27 years of the radio part of our relationship were spent co-hosting, what became, Chicago’s #1 overnight radio show on WGN.  Although we no longer face the demands of a daily radio show schedule, we still maintain our residence as part of the WGN Radio family with occasional “drive-by” shows and guest appearances.

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