Funny Vanity Plates, Funny Custom Plates

The kind of custom plate a deli operator can be proud of.

About a year ago I posted a blog featuring vanity-plate ideas for what I considered to be under-represented professions. It was my contention, then as now, that teachers, coaches, and real-estate agents comprise the bulk of all jobs touted on vanity plates.

At the time I offered, free of charge, a few custom-plate ideas for folks in select service and medical professions (cheese maker, fast-food worker, mortician, etc.) that did not seem to be getting their due props on license plates. You can check out the original blog here.

Since posting the original blog I have identified several additional callings that just scream for some car-tag recognition. So, again free of charge, I offer the folks in the following professions some custom license plate ideas.

Vanity Plates for Under-Represented Professions

Dental Hygienist

PK UR GMS               OPN WDR                 PLS FLSS                  RINSE


Men’s Room Attendant

CHK UR FLY             C U P                          TWL 4 U                     ND A MNT


Deli Owner

XTRA LN                    MO SLAW                BAGL GUY                 SCHMEAR


 Plastic Surgeon

 NSE JOB                    TMY    TUCK           NO JWLS                    FWR CHNS

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