Shaquille O’Neal pitches the Buick LaCrosse

Shaquille O’Neal pitches the Buick LaCrosse. Maybe it’s me, but it doesn’t appear that Shaq has quite enough legroom.

As we enter the two-month season known as the NBA Playoffs, we’re bound to see plenty of the new Buick LaCrosse commercial starring Shaquille O’Neal. In the ad, Shaq easily (seemingly) slides his 7-foot-1, 325-pound body into the front seat of his LaCrosse, a car that he says offers him “full-size luxury.”

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I’ve driven the LaCrosse, and it’s plenty roomy and comfy. I remember spending half of a Saturday afternoon in the car, taking care of paperwork, eating shrimp fried rice, and eventually snuggling up for a nap. I’ve stayed in motels that were less comfortable.

But if Shaq really wants a car to accommodate his massive frame, LaCrosse is hardly the best option. After reviewing the spec charts of all 2012 cars, SUVs, and minivans sold in North America, I found that more than 290 have more front headroom than LaCrosse’s 38.0 inches. In addition, 160 cars have greater front headroom than its 41.7 inches, and more than 170 have overall widths that exceed LaCrosse’s 73.1 inches.

In the commercial, Shaq says “I’ve got shoes that are bigger than most hybrids.” If he is looking for a vehicle to accommodate his long legs, he should check out the Mercedes-Benz G-Class; no vehicles approaches its 52.5 inches of front legroom. For maximum headroom, he needs to drive the Nissan Cube, which beats out every other car, SUV, and minivan with 42.6 inches of headroom. (Come on, Nissan, here’s your chance for a hilarious commercial. What’s Yao Ming doing these days?) As for overall width, no non-truck can match the Ford Explorer’s 90.2 inches. Remember that, Shaq, if you need to road trip with Charles Barkley.

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And here’s the commercial, in case you haven’t seen it:

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