Meet the self-parking parking garage.

Are you sick of snaking your car through a multi-layered parking garage, with its tight turns, traffic backups, narrow parking spaces, and no vacancies till the sixth floor? AutoParkiT has come to the rescue. On February 21, the company will unveil a fully automated parking structure in Sherman Oaks, California.

Let’s Play Park-a-Spark (Parking Garage Bingo)

Self-Parking Garage

The AutoParkiT system has the capacity to park up to twice as many cars in the same space as a traditional parking structure. Here’s how it works: Drivers enter the AutoParkiT facility through a traditional garage door, turn off their car, walk to a nearby kiosk, and wave their key fob. The car is then whisked away by what the company calls an “industrial proven, commercially adapted high tech system.” Once parked, cars are safely secured in the structure.

To retrieve the car, the driver needs to just wave the key fob at an HID reader on any floor of the building. About a minute later, the car is delivered, nose out, ready to drive away. AutoParkiT is a venture led by Los Angeles real estate developer Christopher Alan and supported by partners who are leaders in automation, integration and construction.

Check out the video:

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Let’s Play Park-a-Spark (Parking Garage Bingo)

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