Jaguar Activity Key
Are your keys too big or cumbersome to carry around? Jaguar may have the solution.

For active-lifestyle types and other folks who participate in activities where carrying a traditional key fob is a burden, Jaguar offers an intriguing new solution. Per Jaguar, its new Activity Key…

Makes living life to the fullest even easier. For extra convenience, you can wear the Activity Key if you prefer not to carry a key fob. The wristband is robust and fully waterproof. It allows you to enjoy a range of activities – from skydiving to swimming – and keep your car key with you. You can use the Activity Key while keys remain in the car as the conventional key fob is deactivated for security.

For a quick tutorial on how the Activity Key works, check out this brief video:


What is the Jaguar Activity Key?

In Consumer Guide testing of the new 2017 Jaguar F-PACE SUV, the Activity Key worked as advertised. The only concern we had was the longish (five-second) response time between tapping the Jaguar badge with the key, and the vehicle’s taillight-flash response.

Jaguar Activity Key dimensions
In our tests, everyone found the Activity Key comfortable, but it looked a bit awkward on the wrists of smaller women.

The Jaguar Activity Key is about the size of a Fitbit-brand sports-activity monitor and, like a Fitbit, is sweat- and water-proof. The Activity Key is a one-size-fits-all proposition, and adjusts to accommodate a large range of wrist sizes.

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We had a variety of people try on the Activity Key for size. A couple petite women found that the key body, at about two inches long, didn’t contour particularly well to their wrists. The result is a somewhat awkward-looking fit, but no one described it as uncomfortable. In fact, all of our “test subjects” found the Activity Key to be comfortable.

The Activity Key makes use of a passive diode to communicate with the vehicle and thus requires no batteries, so there’s nothing ever to replace.

Though Jaguar is pitching the Activity Key to the athletically inclined, we can see its value to folks who’d simply rather not carry a bulky key around a shopping mall or amusement park all day.

The Activity Key debuted on the Jaguar F-PACE, where it is a $400 stand-alone option. Per Jaguar, take rate for the key is running over 25 percent on top F-PACE trim levels. Next up is the Land Rover Discovery, which will offer the Activity Key as an option when it goes on sale for 2017.

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