Silverado police package

In which states are you most likely to see this in your rearview mirror? Read on.

According to the folks at the personal-finance and research website WalletHub, the average American spends about 18 hours a week in his or her vehicle. That’s a bunch of time. Enough time to make plans for the upcoming weekend, call your parents (hands free, of course), or to wonder, “Why am I wasting all this time commuting?”

It’s that sort of pent-up frustration that eventually leads to bad behavior—bad behavior along the lines of checking email, texting, and the granddaddy of vehicular criminality, speeding.

As part of a broader research project that examined the ramifications of a number of high-risk driving behaviors, WalletHub ranked all 50 U.S. states based on the severity of their traffic-law-enforcement penalties.

To determine which states are toughest on leadfoot drivers, rankings were compiled based on a review of each state’s speeding laws, penalty dollar amounts, use of automatic cameras, and several other criteria.

Presented here are the states as ranked by WalletHub, with the worst state for speeders–Iowa–listed first. To see the entire WalletHub study, click here.

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State Rank
Iowa 1
Arizona 2
Missouri 2
New Mexico 4
New York 5
Illinois 6
Oregon 6
Washington 6
MaryLand 6
Colorado 10
District Of Columbia 10
Indiana 10
Louisiana 10
Virginia 14
Alabama 15
Tennessee 15
Hawaii 17
Wisconsin 17
North Carolina 19
Kentucky 19
Ohio 19
South Carolina 19
Delaware 23
Vermont 23
Alaska 23
Maine 23
Kansas 27
Wyoming 27
Florida 27
Mississippi 27
Pennsylvania 27
Massachusetts 32
California 32
West Virginia 32
Connecticut 32
Georgia 32
Minnesota 32
Nevada 38
North Dakota 38
Rhode Island 38
Nebraska 38
South Dakota 38
Arkansas 43
Idaho 43
Montana 43
New Jersey 43
Oklahoma 47
New Hampshire 48
Michigan 48
Utah 50
Texas 50


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