1974 Toyota Celica GT, 10 Classic Ads From 1974
1974 Toyota Celica GT

Battered by inflation, an energy crisis, and new low-lead gasoline, the American car shoppers of 1974 really weren’t in the mood for happy advertising that promised ethereal virtues such as spirit, pride of ownership, or neighborhood one-upmanship.

Instead, the car ads of the day—at least a good number of them–reflected the nation’s collective sour mood, and focused on the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the ownership experience. Instead of power and style, the focus had shifted to fuel economy, cost of ownership, and—interestingly—higher-content entry-level cars–the latter ads appealing to shoppers considering downsizing for their next new-car purchase.

Submitted here for your consideration, please find ten classic print ads and one vintage TV spot–each of which does a nice job demonstrating what might be referred to as a new national cynical attitude.

More classic car ads



1974 AMC Gremlin Ad
1974 AMC Ad (Gremlin)



1974 Impala Custom Coupe
1974 Chevrolet Ad (Impala Custom Coupe)



1974 Datusn 610 Ad
1974 Datsun Ad (610)



1974 Dodge Ad
1974 Dodge Ad (Dart Hang 10, Dart SE, and Charger Spring Special)



1974 Ford Thunderbird Ad, Burgundy Edition
1974 Ford Ad (Thunderbird Burgundy Special Edition)

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1974 Mercury Cougar Ad
1974 Mercury Ad (Cougar XR-7)



1974 Oldsmobile 88 Ad, Canadian
1974 Canadian Oldsmobile Ad (Delta 88)



1974 Plymouth Ad
1974 Plymouth Ad (Valiant Brougham)



1974 Toyota Celica Ad
1974 Toyota Ad (Celica GT)



1974 Volvo Ad
1974 Volvo Ad (144)

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