Classic Ads 1982, Car Ads From 1982
1982 Dodge Charger 2.2

There is an air of parsimony to the automotive print ads of 1982. Take in all of the examples and take note of the following:

  • Cadillac launches a low-price entry model
  • The Chrysler New Yorker was downsized and is being sold on price
  • All-new Camaro is much smaller and lighter than predecessor
  • Ford is selling the Fairmont on price
  • The Lincoln ad notes improved fuel efficiency
  • Even the performance-focused Dodge Charger ad notes the vehicle’s EPA fuel-economy estimates.

Why all the efficiency mindedness? Keep in mind that the aftershock of late-Seventies stagflation was still pulsing through the economy, though the effects were beginning to ebb.

With the economy back in check, and automotive technology beginning to keep up with demands for improved power and fuel economy, 1982 was really a turning point in car and truck performance.

Watch how, in subsequent advertisement posts, the focus of the ads turns to performance and luxury, with price and fuel economy mentioned only nominally.

If you recall spending time with any of these cars, please tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below the last ad.

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Car Ads From 1982


Car Ads From 1982
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Car Ads From 1982
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Car Ads From 1982
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Car Ads From 1982
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Car Ads From 1982
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Car Ads From 1982
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Car Ads From 1982

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