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Hey . . . . Bet you didn’t know it but we’re a bunch of poets. Well, not really, but we drive a lot and our minds tend to wander while stuck at red lights. From the souls of Tom Appel, David Aretha, Damon Bell, John Biel, Ed Piotrowski, and Jack Stewart, here are a few Haiku tries . . . penned exclusively for you guys.

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Automotive Haiku


In a Valiant
I first learned how to drive
Yet I still love cars


Oh sweet ZL1:
Why cost $110K?
I cannot have you 🙁
-Dave A.


Sweet, sweet AMG
Exhaust note weakens judgment
Sorry officer


Still love the first one
From when I was still a tot
Chevy fifty-eight


The good ol’ TL
Had a funky-looking snout
New one is better

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Hyundai Genesis
Sedan is just fine with me
Coupe looks real ugly


Hyundai Azera
You’re really quite flashy, but . . .
Sonata costs less


Is this the first poem
About a Daewoo Lanos?
I would bet it is


Ford Pinto wagon
Firestone 500 radials all around
Crashed and burned to ground


The Honda Ridgeline
A nice, practical pickup
Won’t you please buy one?


My father once said:
“Fool me twice, shame is on me—
First Vega last”


Mini handles well
But its ride is very harsh
And it costs how much?


Oh, it’s you—hi
Must we talk about your Viper more?
Argh, make it stop, argh


What’s with frickin’ Volt?
Gas AND electric motors?
Make up frickin’ mind!
-Dave A.


Gas is expensive
But going fast is such fun
Stupid gas prices


You have a Gullwing?
Why is life so darn unfair?
I want a Gullwing.

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