1979 Pontiacs
1979 Pontiac Grand Prix

To perform a quick case study on how different the automotive world is today from what it was in 1979, consider the following:

1979 Pontiac Phoenix
Accounting for fewer than 25,000 Pontiac sales in 1979, the Phoenix was the brand’s slowest seller. The best-selling Firebird sold more than eight times better that year.

Of the 907,423 Pontiacs sold in ’79, approximately 650,000 were sporty coupes, personal-luxury coupes, and large sedans and coupes. All told, more than 70 percent of Pontiac sales that year came from market segments that virtually don’t exist anymore.

Sure, the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang are still selling reasonably well, but only as performance cars. The “secretary’s car” coupe that accounted for a substantial portion of Firebird sales back in the day is nonexistent today.

Of course, the 1979 Pontiac model roster didn’t include any minivans, SUVs, or crossovers, which makes comparing that lineup with contemporary-showroom product rather difficult.

Presented here is Consumer Guide’s 1979 coverage of the entire Pontiac lineup. We’re added sales data and prices to round out the presentation. If you remember spending time with any of the cars discussed here, please tell us about it. The place to leave comments is at the bottom of the page.

The Pontiacs of 1990

1979 Pontiac Reviews


Class: Large Car

1979 Sales: 179,416

Base Price Range: $6020-$7584

The Buicks of 1986

Pontiacs of 1979


Class: Sporty coupe

1979 Sales: 211,455

Base Price Range: $5250-$10,620

The Oldsmobiles of 1973

Pontiacs of 1979

Grand Prix

Class: Personal luxury

1979 Sales: 210,060

Base Price Range: $5454-$6814

The Mercurys of 1977

Pontiacs of 1979


Class: Midsize sedan, coupe, and wagon

1979 Sales: 136,938

Base Price Range: $5031-$5587

The Plymouths of 1976

Pontiacs of 1979


Class: Compact sedan and coupe

1979 Sales: 24,900

Base Price Range: $4089-$4689

The Geos of 1992

Pontiacs of 1979


Class: Subcompact coupe, hatchback, and wagon

1979 Sales: 97,790

Base Price Range: $3899-$4248

The Pontiacs of 2018

1979 Pontiac Specs

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