1973 Cutlass Sedan
1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan

The last-ever Oldsmobile lineup was kind of a mess. The long-lived brand featured for 2004 a pricey V8-powered sedan, an anonymous minivan cloned from other General Motor’s vans, and a thirsty SUV at a time when lighter, more efficient crossovers were taking hold.

By 2004, all of Oldsmobile’s familiar model names had vanished. Time-honored monikers like Cutlass, 88, Ninety-Eight, and Cruiser had been jettisoned, replaced by seemingly random badges including Alero, Aurora, and Bravada.

Of course, it wasn’t always like that in Oldsmobile dealerships. Any brand around for 100 years had to have its act together at some point. And, indeed, Olds had plenty of solid lineups through the years.

Here we will look at the Oldsmobiles of 1973. The Rocket Division was sporting a fine lineup for ’73, with a car in every segment that was then worth being in.

Below please find a compact, midsize, large Olds, midsize and large wagons, as well as a personal-luxury coupe and even a convertible.

If you’ve spent time with one of these near-luxury Seventies staples, tell us about it—especially if you happen to have owned one.

The Mercurys of 1977



1973 Omega
1973 Oldsmobile Omega Coupe


Hatchback: $2743

Coupe: $2585

Sedan: $2613

1973 Sales: 60,000



1973 Cytlass Supreme
1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe


Coupe $3003

Coupe S $3180

Sedan: $3087

Supreme Coupe: $3266

Supreme Sedan: $3337

1973 Sales: 370,000


Delta 88

1973 Delta 88
1973 Delta 88 Royale Coupe


Coupe: $4001

Sedan $4060

Town Sedan $3948

Royale Coupe $4179

Royale Sedan $4238

Royale Town Sedan $4101

Convertible: $4387

1973 Sales: 195,000



1973 Olds Ninety-Eight
1973 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Sedan


Coupe: $4748

Sedan: $4807

Luxury Coupe: $5009

Luxury Sedan: $5098

Regency Sedan: 5349

1973 Sales: 140,000

The Plymouths of 1976



1973 Toronado
1973 Oldsmobile Toronado Custom


Custom: $5341

1973 Sales: 55,000


Vista Cruiser

1973 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser
1973 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser


2-seat: $3724

3-seat: $3837

1973 Sales: 24,000


Custom Cruiser

1973 Custom Cruiser
1973 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser


2-seat: $4557

3-seat: $4691

2-seat with wood trim: $4711

3-seat with wood trim: $4846

1973 Sales: 40,000

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