1956 Studebaker Hawk, Classic Studebaker Ads
1956 Studebaker Hawk

Having been born in 1965, I am just the right age for certain elements of automotive history to be lost on me. Sadly, one of those elements is Studebaker.

Though Studebaker operations overlapped with my time on this planet, I was never exposed to the vehicles. No member of my family or friend of my parents ever owned a Stude, and I never recall seeing them on the street.

I have appreciated them from afar, however. Like many, I find the original Avanti to be a thing of honest beauty, and this Gran Turismo Hawk calls to me in my dreams.

I did drive a Studebaker once, however. A buddy’s dad let me take his 1961 pickup for a spin. It was a pretty worn-out example, and at the time it was powered by a Chevrolet 307. It was actually pretty awful. The steering was utterly dead for the first 20 degrees of rotation in any direction, and the brakes were dangerously feeble.

Still, I can say I’ve driven a Studebaker, and I consider that a feather in my modestly plumed cap.

To celebrate a brand that may seem a little distant to you as well, I’ve collected ten cool Studebaker ads from over the years. If you’ve ever taken a spin in a Stude, please tell us about it. Be sure to tell us the year and model.

Photo Feature: 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk


1940 Commander

1940 Commander Ad
1940 Studebaker Commander ad


1953 Studebaker

1953 Studebaker ad
1953 Studebaker ad


1955 Studebaker Truck

1955 Studebaker Truck ad
1955 Studebaker truck ad


1956 Hawk

1956 Studebaker Hawk ad
1956 Studebaker Hawk ad

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1956 Studebaker

1956 Studebaker ad
1956 Studebaker ad


1960 Lark

1960 Studebaker Lark ad
1960 Studebaker Lark ad (Canada)


1963 Full Line

1963 Studebaker Full-Line ad
1963 Studebaker full-line ad

More classic ads


1963 Avanti

1963 Studebaker Avanti ad
1963 Studebaker Avanti ad


1964 Studebaker

1964 Studebaker ad
1964 Studebaker ad


1966 Studebaker

1966 Studebaker ad
1966 Studebaker ad (Canada)

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