1980 Volkswagen Rabbit ad, Car Ads Featuring Snow
1980 Volkswagen Rabbit ad

According to the National Weather Service, 39 U.S. states saw more than ten inches of snow least year. Now, that snow isn’t especially well dispersed across each state. Here in Illinois, snowfall totals up near Chicago are far higher than they are down near St. Louis, but it’s a safe bet most Illinoisans have at least a passing familiarity with the white stuff.

Snow Plow for car
We’re pretty sure this will void your warranty.

For auto marketers, snow is a tricky thing to incorporate into an advertising campaign. Snow is a handy shorthand visual indicating wintertime, and possibly the holidays. But for potential customers living in Louisiana or Florida, snow doesn’t mean that much.

All that said, we were able to find a number of classic car ads featuring snow. In some cases, the frozen water crystals form a picturesque backdrop, while in other ads the snow is a challenge to be conquered by the featured vehicle.

We at Chicago-based Consumer Guide tend to look forward to a little winter driving. There’s nothing like five inches of fresh snow to keep your adverse-condition driving skills sharp. We admit, however, that by February we’re generally over winter—and tired of shoveling our driveways.

Presented here are ten auto advertisements featuring snow. For other cold-weather car ads, check out our holiday ad collection here.

More classic car ads


1935 Lincoln

1935 Lincoln ad
1935 Lincoln ad


1937 Oldsmobile

1937 Oldsmobile Eight ad
1937 Oldsmobile ad


1941 Ford

1941 Ford ad
1941 Ford ad

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1960 Dodge

1960 Dodge ad
1960 Dodge ad


1970 Datsun

1970 Datsun ad
1970 Datsun ad


1972 Chevrolet

1972 Chevrolet Camaro ad, snow
1972 Chevrolet Camaro ad


1972 Saab

1972 Saab Ad, snow
1972 Saab 99E ad


1980 Volkswagen

1980 Volkswagen ads
1980 Volkswagen Rabbit ad


1981 Jeep

1981 Jeep CJ-7 ad
1981 Jeep CJ ad


1983 Ford

1983 Ford ad
1983 Ford Bronco ad

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