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1988 Trump Limo

The 1988 Cadillac Brougham Limousine Trump Executive Edition, as catalogued at

By the time Donald Trump had stamped the White House with his personal brand, the New York real-estate mogul had lent his name to a number of products and services. Numbering among the many short-lived Trump-branded commodities are mail-order steaks (2007), vodka (2006), and a board game (1989).


Cadillac HT4100I’ve never heard it suggested that the Cadillac HT4100 V8 engine was flawed because it was rushed into production, but there is evidence to indicate that that was indeed the case.

If you don’t remember the HT4100, you’re not alone. As a result of the powerplant’s flaws (more on those in a moment) Cadillac marketing folks dropped the HT moniker after a few years, leaving subsequent updated versions of the engine unbranded.

Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC

1990 Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC

To everyone who says cars have gotten too expensive, I say phooey. Cars cost about the same now as they have for decades, inflation adjusted.

1987 Lincoln Mark VII LSC, Most-Expensive American Cars of 1987

At $25,540, the Lincoln Mark VII LSC ranks fifth among the most-expensive American cars of 1987. 

For auto enthusiasts, 1987 will always be remembered as the year that Chrysler purchased AMC. But it was also the year that Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted, and the fantasy video game The Legend of Zelda was released.

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 5.47.42 PM

1986 Corvette

The fourth generation of “America’s Sports Car,’ known casually as C4, was rolled out for the 1984 model year. Most Corvette fans are well acquainted with the C4 cars, as they represent one of the biggest technological leaps forward in the car’s long history. Here we track the year-by-year changes to the C4 ‘Vette, and pass along a few fun facts along the way.

New Classics

Cadillac Allanté

In a previous post, I listed five convertibles that just became 25 years old. As such, they qualified as “classics,” making them eligible for cheaper classic-car insurance and, in some states, less-expensive Antique license plates. Any of those five could probably be purchased in reasonably good condition for less than about $4,000—sometimes a lot less. For those with a bit more pocket change to spend on a convertible with a little more prestige (say, $5,000 to $15,000), read on.

Mack junkyard

Walking around this Frankenstein, I half got the sense it might run again. At first glance, this appears to be a Chevy, but keen-eyed fellow editor Don Sikora is pretty sure it’s actually a Mack.

I am the first to admit that technically I am a pretty weak photographer. I have more camera than I need or deserve, and a wife and child that are too understanding of the time I spend prowling around the back roads of industrial complexes and rotting commercial properties. The net result of this unfocused prowling is albums full of images that have been seen once or twice, usually only by me. (Try forcing your 12-year-old kid to sit still while you explain why an old F-150 with some graceful sun-induced patina is cool.)

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