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A small fleet of ForTwo Electric Drives lined up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The electric Smart starts at $25,750

In an automotive world where many vehicles look too much alike, the Smart ForTwo stands out. Like a baby shoe surrounded by sneakers, wingtips, and cowboy boots, the Smart’s diminutive size almost always elicits a smile. But just like that baby shoe, it really doesn’t fit the needs of most American buyers.

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV

From January through July of this year, General Motors’ Chevrolet division sold almost 22,000 Bolt EVs. That’s a solid performance, good enough to rank third among all EV models sold in the U.S. during the same period. But impressive as the Bolt’s sales may or may not be, know this: The Bolt isn’t even close to being GM’s best-selling EV. Read on…


What is Geely, and What Did They Buy Now?

The business world took notice when, in early 2008, Indian billionaire Ratan Tata added Jaguar and Land Rover to his vast industrial portfolio. The acquisition proved to be a source of pride for Indian nationals, many of whom delighted in the irony that India, once a subject of the British Crown, was now in control of a pair of storied English luxury brands.

Mini Car Ads, Mini Cars

1956 Bond Minicar

When the Smart ForTwo was introduced for the 2008 model year, uninformed detractors of the diminutive two-seater devoted considerable energy to worrying about how unsafe such a small car would be in a crash. Count my mother among them.

2018 Toyota Yaris SE 5-door Hatchback

2018 Toyota Yaris SE 4-door hatchback in Ruby Flare Pearl (a $395 option)

2015 Audi Q52018 Toyota Yaris SE 4-door hatchback

Class: Subcompact Car

Miles driven: 667

Fuel used: 21.5 gallons

2016 Buick Cascada

 Buick returns to the ragtop market after a 25-year absence with the 2016 Cascada, a compact-sized four-seater with a power-folding soft top. It’s due on sale next month at a starting price of about $34,000.

Scion iM

When it goes on sale in February, the Cascada will be the first convertible to grace Buick showrooms in nearly a quarter of a century. So why would the company return to a market it had long since abandoned? There are a couple of reasons.

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

Tom was shooting for 40 mpg, and saw 50. He succeeded, but it wasn’t pretty.

I don’t fit in the Mitsubishi Mirage. I mention this because I want to fully paint the picture of a man on a mission. The mission, in this case, was to break 40 mpg in a non-diesel, non-hybridized test vehicle. 

Ponitac Torrent GXP, Worst Vehicles

2008 Pontiac Torrent GXP

In 2015, there are no truly bad new cars. You can argue the veracity of that statement if you wish, but at no point in automotive history has it been harder to pick a car you might call “bad.” Sure, the current-generation Mitsubishi Mirage has its detractors, and not without cause, but what would you say is the 2nd-worst car?

Nissan Leaf

Consumer Guide’s test 2014 Nissan Leaf arrived in SL trim with the Premium Package. Including destination charge, our test car’s sticker price came to $37,090.

2015 Audi Q52014 Nissan Leaf SL

Class: Electric Vehicle

Miles Driven: 220

Fuel Used: N/A 

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 8.10.54 PM

If you’re confused by all the new automatic-transmission types now available, you’re not alone. This Toyota Prius shift lever manipulates a type of continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Automatic transmissions have gone through many changes since being introduced by Oldsmobile for 1940, but rarely have there been as many different types offered as there are today. Following are technical descriptions of the four basic types that have been used of late, but if you prefer to simply know how they might affect the driving experience, just skip down to the “On the Road” section.