1989 Ford Bronco II, Eddie Bauer, Valets and Door Men

1989 Ford Bronco II

Nothing says “you’ve arrived,” like having a uniformed, handsomely appointed doorman or valet open your car door for you. For me it’s always a troubling experience, because I rarely carry small bills—but that’s my problem.

For most folks, having a valet assist you out of your car means good times ahead. Perhaps dinner, a show, or a wedding at a swanky hotel. For this reason, I imagine, carmakers historically have created print ads featuring valets and doormen alongside their products.

Of course. for more-affordable product, scenes such as those depicted below suggest that the cars in question are classy enough to cruise up to even the swankiest of venues. The Ford LTD ad is a good example of this.

Enjoy the ads, and let us know which is your favorite. The place to leaves comments is down below.

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1989 Ford Bronco II

1989 Ford Bronco II Ad, Valets and Doormen

1989 Ford Bronco II Ad

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