Mystery Car Challenge
Identify this car for one bonus point. It’s an ’88, if that helps.

This time we’ve taken our fake-car quiz down the organization chart a notch, from model names to trim levels. Below please find five long-lived models, and five trim levels for each, one of which is the fake.

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As always, there are no trick questions here; every (real) trim-level listed was available for retail purchase in the U.S. at some point in time. Again, be careful not to scroll down too far until you’re ready, the answers are down there. Good luck!


Find the fake Honda Accord:

  1. EX-L
  2. Touring
  3. Turbo S
  4. LX
  5. SEi


Find the fake Dodge Caravan:

  1. Red Line
  2. C/V
  3. LE
  4. SXT
  5. Sport


Find the fake Oldsmobile Cutlass:

  1. Supreme Town Sedan
  2. Supreme Classic
  3. Salon
  4. Touring Limited
  5. Ciera Brougham


Find the fake Buick Regal:

  1. T-Type
  2. Somerset Limited Edition
  3. Avignon
  4. CX
  5. GS


Find the fake Ford Taurus:

  1. SHO
  2. MT-5
  3. G
  4. R
  5. LX






The fake Honda Accord is the Turbo S

The fake Dodge Caravan is the Red Line

The fake Oldsmobile cutlass is the Touring Limited

The fake Buick Regal is the Avignon

The fake Ford Taurus is the R

The mystery car is a 1988 Sterling 825 SL

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