2016 Kozy Koot, Cozy Coupe
The 2016 Kozy Koot will start at $8995. Model above shown with optional equipment.

by Frank Peiler

A plug-in electric vehicle with a 30-mile range, the Kozy Koot (not Cozy Coupe) is for the get-up-and-go senior looking to relive his childhood–or just get around without walking.

Cozy Coupe for Seniors?

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Kozy Koot, Cozy CoupeThe standard-equipment list includes headlights, taillights, turn signals (with 3-minute automatic reset), and a large “Vista Sweep” windshield wiper.

Safety features include the low-battery “I’m powerless and I can’t start up” emergency button which, when depressed, alerts an offshore call center to your predicament.

Also available are leather seats with lumbar support and built-in hemorrhoid ring, an optically enhanced windshield ground to your prescription, and hot-water-bottle seat heater.

Dealer installed accessories include white-wall tires, and an oxygen-tank storage box disguised as a continental kit. Additional accessories and service are available at select Toys “R” Us locations.

The Kozy Koot is available in your choice of red over yellow, or yellow over red.

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