Giant Jaguar Key

The electronic key for the 2012 Jaguar XJL Supersport is slightly larger and somewhat heavier than most “smart” transponder-type keys. A quarter is shown here to give a sense of size.

The purchase of a luxury item is usually more emotional than sensible or calculated. When someone purchases a high-end vehicle, they expect to get what they pay for: a car that is refined, distinctive, and crafted of fine materials. With that in mind, it simply wouldn’t do to attach a chintzy, cheap-feeling key to an expensive car. Appropriately, most luxury cars come with nice-looking keys.

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2012 Jaguar XJL Supersport

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the key to the 2012 Jaguar XJL Supersport.


Instead of a traditional metal key, this Jag uses a transponder-type key fob, commonly called a “smart” key. This kind of key allows the user to get into the car and start the engine without removing the key from their pocket or purse. It also weighs a bit more than a typical transponder car key, giving the impression of high-quality craftsmanship. After all, tossing a heavy, shiny key fob to a valet is sure to impress much more than a dull plastic one.


This XJL Supersport key opens like a clamshell.


In the event of a dead car battery, transponder key fobs have a metal key hidden somewhere inside them to mechanically unlock the doors if necessary. The owner (or the owner’s chauffeur) could then pop the hood and jump the car’s battery.

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