Car-Care Quiz From 1959
What kind of car owner would you have been in 1959? Take this handy quiz and find out.

Sometime in 1959 or 1960, Allstate produced and shipped to policy holders a delightful booklet of helpful car-care hints. The digest-sized, 96-page publication, titled Money-Saving Facts for Car Owners, is packed with useful information, including a chapter on the wisdom of using premium gas, and another that deals with checking your fan belt.

Money Saving Facts for Car Owners
Allstate distributed this handy car-care booklet to its policy holders sometime in 1959 or 1960. The 96-page, digest-sized publication includes all sorts of helpful hints and useful illustrations.

We recently explored a chapter of this marvelous publication dealing with money-saving tips–you can check it out here.

Here, we’re sharing a 12-question car-care quiz that deals with tire rotation, spark advance, and letting your car sit outside until the engine has cooled.

We invite you to take the quiz, and let us know what kind of car owner you would have been in 1959.

If you know what “tune-up oil” is, or have some idea whether or not the continued use of old shock absorbers is detrimental to your car’s long-term health, you may do well.

Please tell us how you score. The place to leave comments is down below the last image.

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Car-Care Quiz From 1959

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