2004 Suzuki Verona, Fake Cars
Identify this car for one bonus point. It’s an ’04, if that helps.

Today we whisk you back to 2004. Your challenge is to determine which of the following vehicles was NOT available the year we met Hurricane Ivan. 

As always, you can score one additional point by identifying the car above. Looking for more Fake Car fun? You can check out quizzes 1-7:

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Find the fake 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser trim level/trim package:

  1. Touring
  2. Limited
  3. GT
  4. Dream Cruiser
  5. Turbo


Find the fake 2004 Ford Explorer trim level/trim package:

  1. XLS
  2. XLT
  3. FX4
  4. NBX
  5. Eddie Bauer


Find the fake 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee trim level/trim package:

  1. X
  2. Laredo
  3. Limited
  4. Overland
  5. Columbia


Find the fake 2004 Lincoln Town Car trim level/trim package:

  1. Signature
  2. Ultimate
  3. Ultimate L
  4. Touring
  5. All of these are correct


Find the fake 2004 Subaru Outback trim level/trim package:

  1. Limited
  2. H6
  3. L.L. Bean Edition
  4. H6 35th Anniversary Edition
  5. H6 40th Anniversary Edition




Answers Below



Fake Cars

Chrysler PT Cruiser

5. There was no Turbo model, though the GT was turbocharged.

 Ford Explorer

3. FX4 is a Ford F-Series trim level. not an Explorer.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. X is a Wrangler trim level. 

 Lincoln Town Car

4. There was no Touring model in 2004.

 Subaru Outback

5. The company was commemorating the 1968 establishment of Subaru of America.

 Bonus Car

The bonus car is a Suzuki Verona. 


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