Longest Lasting Vehicles
2019 GMC Yukon

Is 200,000 miles the new 100,000 miles? Maybe not, but the number of vehicles reaching the 200,000-mile mark seems to be on the rise. According to the analysts at vehicle-retail site iSeeCars.com, just under one percent of all cars, crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks will go that distance–presumably to the delight of their owners.

It’s no longer uncommon for vehicles to see 100,000 miles–and to reach that milestone in generally good working order–but doubling that distance is still something of noteworthy accomplishment. Here, we’ll look at the longest-lasting passenger vehicles available for sale in the U.S. as reported by iSeeCars.com.

To compile its list, iSeeCars analyzed over 13.8 million vehicles sold or resold in 2018 to determine which models showed the highest percentage of examples with 200,000 or more miles on the odometer. The top 14 models identified each registered a 200,000-mile showing of at least 2.2 percent (almost three times the overall average of .8 percent), with the best vehicle coming in at an impressive 7.4 percent.

It’s worth noting that six of the top 14 vehicles are Toyota models, and that only four of the vehicles to make the list are not traditional body-on-frame trucks. Also note that most of the individual vehicles analyzed to create this list are older-model-year examples. In some cases, that means they represent previous generations of a given vehicle line. For example, the Ford Expedition was redesigned for 2018, and the Toyota Avalon for 2019, so few if any of those newest-generation examples have racked up six-digit mileage as of this writing.

Below, please find all fourteen of the vehicles on the iSeeCars list, along with the percentage of examples that have surpassed the 200,000-mile barrier. If you’ve owned a car or truck that crossed such a mileage milestone, please tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.

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Longest-Lasting Vehicles

Toyota Sequoia: 7.4%

2019 Toyota Sequoia in Shoreline Blue Pearl
2019 Toyota Sequoia in Shoreline Blue Pearl

Base Price: $53,370

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Chevrolet Suburban: 5.0%

2019 Chevrolet Suburban in Blue Velvet
2019 Chevrolet Suburban in Blue Velvet

Base Price: $52,095

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Ford Expedition: 5.0%

2019 Ford Expedition
2019 Ford Expedition in Blue

Base Price: $53,525

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GMC Yukon XL 4.0%

GMC Yukon XL
2019 GMC Yukon XL in Dark Sky

Base Price: $54,190

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Toyota 4Runner: 3.9%

2019 Toyota 4Runner
2019 Toyota 4Runner in Nautical Blue

Base Price: $38,080

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Chevrolet Tahoe: 3.8%

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe
2019 Chevrolet Tahoe in Blue Velvet

Base Price: $52,295

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Toyota Highlander Hybrid: 3.1%

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid in Shoreline Blue Pearl

Base Price: $38,265

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Honda Ridgeline 3.0%

2019 Honda Ridgeline
2019 Honda Ridgeline in Obsidian Blue

Base Price: $31,035

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GMC Yukon: 2.8%

2019 GMC Yukon
2019 GMC Yukon in Dark Sapphire

Base Price: $50,895

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Toyota Tacoma: 2.6%

2019 Toyota Taoma
2019 Toyota Tacoma in Cavalry Blue

Base Price: $26,795

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Toyota Tundra: 2.6%

2019 Toyota Tundra
2019 Toyota Tundra in VooDoo Blue

Base Price: $33,015

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Toyota Avalon: 2.5%

2019 Toyota Avalon in Parisian Blue
2019 Toyota Avalon in Parisian Night Pearl

Base Price: $36,550

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Honda Odyssey: 2.5%

2019 Honda Odyssey
2019 Honda Odyssey in Obsidian Blue Pearl

Base Price: $31,235

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Lincoln Navigator: 2.2%

2019 Lincoln Navigator
2019 Lincoln Navigator in Blue Diamond

Base Price: $74,500

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Longest Lasting Vehicles

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