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VPG MV-1 Taxi

2011-2014 VPG MV-1

Happy holidays! If you’re like most Americans you’ll soon be packing up the family people-mover and heading off to Gramma Mary’s or Uncle Vito’s house for family fun and a serious bout of good-cheer gluttony. But, how will you fill the time during the long drive there?

Luckily, we’ve prepared a special holiday edition of the Car Spotter Challenge. With the youngsters in mind, the Holiday Car Spotter Challenge is comprised of oddly shaped vehicles that are easy to spot from a distance.

GMC Caballero

GMC Caballero

 List three is all about car/SUV-based pickups. Maybe you’re seeing more of these around than I am, because my impression is that they’ve all but vanished. Like most rarely seen vehicles, unless you see one on a regular basis, you likely don’t see any of these oddities at all. Let us know if you spot one, and we’ll add your name to the Daily Drive Sharp-Eyed Reader List*.


Chrysler Crossfire

It has been a while since we published our first list of rewarding-to-find automotive obscurati, and for that we apologize. Take heart in the fact that at least one of the cars listed here represents a pretty serious car-spotter challenge, so the wait was worth it.

Car Spotter

Mitsubishi Raider DuroCross

Most of the editors here at Consumer Guide have long commutes. For those who can relate, you understand how the grind of slow-moving traffic past the same landmarks 10 times a week can take a toll.

To pass time that would otherwise be spent in a drone-like state, we employ the predictable tools: podcasts, music, and satellite radio. I, for one, am a fan of political punditry, right-leaning or left-wing, and hop between a number of terrestrial and SiriusXM channels during a typical drive.