1955 Studebaker Ad, Family Madness

1955 Studebaker Ad

I well recall the household madness that preceded any event that involved my sister and I getting dressed up and the family arriving someplace on time. Church, weddings, funerals–it didn’t matter. If we needed to be clean, presentable, and punctual, there was invariably a period of yelling and parental threat making. Regardless of these moments of extreme stress, my father was–and remains–a family guy. He seeks out family restaurants, encourages togetherness, and seemingly has forgotten forcing me to eat liver.

It was for guys like my father that ads like these were created. While my sister and I always managed to put a damper on any idyllic vision of familial bliss that my father imagined, dad never gave up on the notion that we should spend time together and act like normal people. I imagine the Studebaker ad above reflects to some degree the vacations my father had always dreamed of taking. Missing from the ad are my sister’s wails of “He’s touching me,” or my popular lament, “She’s breathing too loud.” (In my defense, my sister was a noisy breather.)

For all those dads still looking for a peaceful family weekend–or just a whine-free trip to church, these ads are for you.

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