1975 Chrysler Imperial

At 232.7 inches end-to-end, the 1975 Chrysler Imperial ranks 4th on our longest cars list.

Presented here are federal guidelines for parking space design. One of the most noteworthy dimensions on the layout maybe the suggested length of a singe parking space: 20 feet.

Now, a parking spot 20-feet long works just fine for most contemporary rides, as the average midsize car (think Toyota Camry) comes in at about 16-feet long, and even the long-wheelbase Cadillac Escalade ESV comes in at just under 19 feet. Forty years ago, however, these parking spaces might have proven a wee small.

Parking Space Guidelines

Suggested parking-lot layout, courtesy Federal Highway Administration.

At an average length of 233 inches (19.4) feet, the longest cars of 1975 might have just squeezed into one of the federally sized sparking spots, provided there wasn’t a concrete parking barrier in place consuming a precious foot or 2 of space.

If you owned or spent time with one of these substantial vehicles, tell us about it. And let us know how difficult it was to park your ride.

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Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham: 233.7 inches (19.5 feet)

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixity Special Brougham

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixity Special Brougham

Body Style: Sedan

Base Price: $10,427


Buick Electra: 233.4 inches (19.5 feet) 

1975 Buick Electra

1975 Buick Electra

Body Style: Sedan and Coupe*

Base Price: $6064 (coupe)


Lincoln Continental: 232.8 inches (19.4 feet) 

1975 Lincoln Continental

1975 Lincoln Continental

Body Style: Sedan and Coupe*

Base Price: $9214 (coupe)


Chrysler Imperial LeBaron: 232.7 inches(19.4 feet)

1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron

1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron

Body Style: Sedan and Coupe*

Base Price: $8698 (coupe)


Buick Estate Wagon: 231.8 inches (19.3 feet)

1975 Buick Estate Wagon

1975 Buick Estate Wagon

Body Style: Wagon

Base Price: $5460

*Sedan and coupe are same length

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