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Motor Excursion, Part Two

This 1906 Buick is 107 years old. When it was new, it shared the roads (or what passed for roads) with horse-drawn carriages. Even if antique cars aren’t your cup of tea, it’s a real treat to soak in the details of a car like this in person.

Here is our second installment of the amazing machines on display at the 2012 Holiday Motor Excursion this past December. If you missed our first installment, just follow the link below:


Most Gen-X car guys read about cars more than they worked on them. The author spent much of his time poring through the latest issues of Consumer Guide.

By most accounts, the epicenter of the automotive dark years was 1980. That was the year that the only Corvette Californians could buy was powered by a 5.0-liter V8 saddled to an automatic transmission. The early ’80s was the era of downsizing, sticker shock, and the furtive and desperate shade-tree “desmogging” of under-powered, low-compression engines.


Jay Leno regularly participates in the Holiday Motor Excursion. This year, Jay showed up in his unbelievable 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special. This is a precise recreation built by Pur Sang in Argentina.

If you’re a vintage-vehicle fan and you find yourself in Southern California for the holiday season, there is one event that you must put on your calendar.

The Horseless Carriage Club of Southern California (a division of the Horseless Carriage Club of America) puts on Holiday Motor Excursion every year, always on the Sunday after Christmas. Since the HCCA is officially open to pre-1917 automobiles, the primary focus of the event is brass-era classics. The driving tour itself is open only to pre-1932 stock vehicles, but lots of other amazing vintage machines show up to make the scene.


1973 Ford Pinto

Inflation can play tricks on you. Look at the ad above and try not to feel nostalgic for new cars that could be had for less than $3,000. Truth is, assuming you could find a stripped model like the one above, and that you didn’t overpay for the Rusty Jones undercoating, you probably could sneak out the door with a Pinto “2-door sedan” for right around three large.


2013 Dodge Dart Rallye

Steve King and Johnnie Putman, Chicago radio personalities and car enthusiasts, are longtime friends of Consumer Guide Automotive. Click the video below for their latest car review. For more details on this feature-packed, all-new car, go to Consumer Guide Automotive’s review of the 2013 Dodge Dart.

 Best Car Companies

The redesigned 2014 Mazda 6 is the latest vehicle to benefit from the brand’s SKYACTIV technology and KODO “Soul of Motion” design language

Be sure to read The Inaugural “EdWards for Automotive…Anything”; Part One: The Products.

The “Two Left Foot Ballerina Award for Most Missteps”
Let’s move away from the actual product and talk for a bit about the companies that make them. This “prize” goes to the firm that had the roughest 2012, at least in this writer’s humble opinion.

What is MPGe?

Inner workings of the Ford C-MAX Energi. Its “plug-in” battery is the silver box between the rear wheels.

In a previous post, we discussed the meaning behind MPGe ratings—which, essentially, are given to any vehicle that plugs into an outlet to recharge its battery. These vehicles are either all electric, such as the Nissan Leaf, or have both electric and gasoline powertrains, such as the Chevrolet Volt. In both cases, the cars can be driven a fair distance on just electric power. What is MPGe?

Dodge Charger in Snow

A Dodge Charger with all-wheel drive bites the snow at Chrysler’s winter testing facility in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is typically one of the snowiest places in the United States. Snowfall is light by U.P. standards this winter, but that didn’t stop Chrysler Group from showing off the all-wheel-drive capabilities offered on the full-sized Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger.


2009 Hummer H3 Alpha

History has been unkind to the Hummer brand, and for the most part, rightly so. It would be hard to point at any General Motors project that better demonstrated a culture of commercial crassness, environmental tone-deafness, and just plain shortsightedness.

200 MPH Bentley

2014 Continental GTC Speed

At the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Bentley showed off its 2014 Continental GTC Speed, the high-performance version of its popular Continental GTC exotic convertible.