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This dramatic illustration appeared in a 1962 ad for the turbocharged Oldsmobile F-85 Jetfire.

If you’re close to my age, you remember the excitement surrounding the rollout of music on compact discs. While a lot of then-contemporary artists released new material on disc, many veteran artists held back a little, hyping as much as possible their entrance into the post-analog age. And while your folks or grand parents might recall the day the Beatles’ White Album was released, I was at Sound Warehouse (now long gone) the day that genre-bending masterpiece was first released digitally.

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Our test Chevrolet SS listed for $45,770 including a $1300 Gas Guzzler Tax and $995 destination charge.

2014 Chevrolet SS

Dates tested: 4/03/2014-4/10/2014

Miles Driven: 142

Fuel Used: 8.8 gallons

diplomat, Chrysler M-Body

The Dodge Diplomat was part of Chrysler’s “Gran Fifthlomat” trio, which also included the Chrysler Fifth Avenue and Plymouth Gran Fury.

In the late Eighties, as Chrysler was trying to establish Eagle as a companion brand for Jeep, an era was quietly coming to a close. While the Renault-designed Eagle Medallion and Premier sedans were rolling into their second model years, a trio of old-school stalwarts was being quietly retired to that peaceful parking lot in the sky.

Mystery Truck, Car Quiz

Identify this car for one bonus point. It’s a ’99, if that helps.

Because you asked for it, we present the sixth installment in our Find the Fake Car! Quiz series. If you missed earlier Quizzes, here’s your chance to catch up:


Our test Lexus GX 460 Luxury came to $62,770 on the sticker, including the premium audio system and $910 destination charge.

2014 Lexus GX 460 Luxury

Miles Driven: 146

Fuel Used: 12.0 gallons


Twenty vehicles comprise the 2014 compact-car class.

It used to be that driving a compact car meant making serious sacrifices in comfort and performance in the name of affordability and fuel economy. Not anymore. Today’s compact cars offer impressive all-around refinement and a broad array of available comfort and convenience features in an affordable, easy-to-manage package. No, these small cars usually can’t match the outright passenger and cargo room that bigger cars provide, but their efficient design makes many so-called compacts more spacious inside than you might expect. Plus, those tidy dimensions give compact cars an inherent maneuverability–and even hints of sportiness–that larger vehicles can’t match.

GM Compacts of 1975

Chevrolet Nova was the N in GM’s X-platform NOVA(S) mnemonic.

It was in fourth or fifth grade that I aced a geography test employing the time-tested mnemonic HOMES. I imagine most of us recall the Great Lakes similarly: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

Regrettably, I only really needed to recall the names of all five lakes once, about forty years ago, yet that dumb mnemonic is stuck in my head, along with the lyrics to the Gilligan’s Island theme song and images of Boris Yeltsin dancing. (You can watch Boris dance on YouTube and share in my agony.)


Our test Continental GT Speed arrived in “St. James Red” and equipped up to $229,340, including a $2725 destination charge and $1700 Gas Guzzler Tax.

2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Dates tested: 4/01/2014-4/04/2014

Miles Driven: 144

Fuel Used: 8.5 gallons

Motion Sickness

2014 Buick Enclave

Presented here is an unedited press release issued by General Motors today. Images and captions were added by the CG Daily Drive team.

Curbing Motion Sickness in the Buick Enclave

Take Your Child to Work Day yields real world benefits for Buick research team

DETROIT – You probably won’t recall the number of the road trips when one of your passengers didn’t get car sick while watching the rear DVD entertainment system, like the one in the Buick Enclave. Some credit for that goes to General Motors’ Human Factors group for properly placing the screen outside “the puke zone.”

Twitter Evoque, Twitter

Quiz Tweet #1

Presented here are real tweets featuring the hashtag #uglycar as found on Twitter. Your job is simple enough: identify the redacted vehicle being discussed. Scroll down slowly so you don’t accidentally see the answers. Good luck!

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