Twitter Evoque, Twitter

Quiz Tweet #1

Presented here are real tweets featuring the hashtag #uglycar as found on Twitter. Your job is simple enough: identify the redacted vehicle being discussed. Scroll down slowly so you don’t accidentally see the answers. Good luck!

If you know of a good auto-related hashtag we might want to use for a quiz, let us know what it is. Twitter can be a fast-changing venue. For more automotive quiz fun, click on the link here:

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Twitter Cube, Ugly Car

Quiz Tweet #2

What ride looks like a refrigerator?


Twitter Escalade, Ugly Car

Quiz Tweet #3

Too much Suburban?


Twitter Fiat 500, Ugly Car

Quiz Tweet #4

Can a car really look too Italian?


Twitter Smart, Ugly Car

Quiz Tweet #5

Ugly enough to induce a violent reaction? Really?






1. Range Rover Evoque

2. [Nissan] Cube

3. [Cadillac] Escalade

4. Fiat 500

5. “Smart Car”

Ugly on Twitter: 10 Vehicles Shamed by the #UglyCar Hashtag

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