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2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Consumer Guide’s test Ford Fiesta ST arrived in Envy Green Metallic, with a bottom-line list price of $25,610.

Consumer Guide Test Drive2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Class: Subcompact Car

Miles Driven: 155

Fuel Used: 4.9 gallons

Driving mix: 60% city, 40% highway

1979 Ford Pinto Rallye

The Rallye Pack was one of three option packages that allowed buyers to dress up their 1979-1980 Ford Pintos.

A popular piece of career advice is to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. So, if you’re the associate assistant manager but you want to be the assistant manager, you probably want to show up for work in a tie and possibly a jacket, even (perhaps especially) if your peers aren’t doing so.

Supercharger, How Turbocharging Works

This belt-driven supercharger is designed to force more air into an engine than it would naturally take in.

“There’s no substitute for cubic inches.” This was a catch phrase during the muscle-car years when the quickest of the quick carried large-displacement V8s. At that time, torque was almost directly related to displacement, and—in another catch phrase—“Torque is what wins in the stock classes” (meaning street cars). How turbocharging works.

2014 Ford Escape

Consumer Guide’s test Ford Escape Titanium came to $35,625 including destination charge.

Consumer Guide Test Drive2014 Ford Escape Titanium AWD 

Class: Compact Crossover

Miles Driven: 322

Fuel Used: 13.9 gallons

Driving mix: 20% city, 80% highway

2015 Lincoln Navigator

Consumer Guide test 2015 Lincoln Navigator arrived in extra-cost Ruby Red Metallic paint and with the feature-laden Rapid Spec 101 A package. Including destination, our test car listed for $73,395.

Consumer Guide Test Drive2015 Lincoln Navigator 4WD

Dates tested: 11/13/2014-11/20/2014

Miles Driven: 174

Fuel Used: 13.2 gallons

Driving mix: 60% city, 40% highway

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited

Chicago radio legends Steve and Johnnie take the 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid for a video test drive. What did they think of their nicely equipped test vehicle? Watch and find out.

1973 Oldsmobile 98, Longest Sedans

Stretching 230.3 inches stem-to-stern, the Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight ranks 3rd on our list of the longest sedans of 1973.

As a follow up to our Hard to Park: The Longest Cars of 1975 blog post, we looked back two years further, to 1973. As it turns out, the average car on our 1973 list is almost an inch and a half shorter than those on our ’75 list (231.4 inches versus 232.9), but the longest single car is a ’73 model.

2015 Minssan Muran

With the 2015 Murano, Nissan is seeking out empty nesters looking to indulge a little.

First SpinIt was not the expected marketing spiel. Instead of the belabored aim of attracting a “young, active-lifestyle” audience, Nissan came right out and said the unthinkable: “With the Murano, we’re going after 45-year-old empty nesters.”

2015 Mazda 3

Consumer Guide’s test 2015 Mazda 3 S arrived in Grand Touring guise. Our test car came to $28,385 including options and destination charge.

Consumer Guide Test Drive2015 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring 5-Door 

Dates tested: 11/13/2014-12/01/2014

Miles Driven: 444

Fuel Used: 17.8 gallons

Driving mix: 80% city, 20% highway

2010 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, Best Looking Wagons

2010 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

I have very clear memories of discussing the Y2K threat with a buddy during the waning months of 1999. So clear, in fact, that I find it difficult to accept that 15 years have passed since the media freakout over what proved to be a non-event.