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Dodge Dart GTS Convertible Coupe

Dodge Dart GTS Convertible Coupe

Note: The following story was excerpted from the April 2011 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine

During the Sixties, the automobile market fractured into several different segments within the overall market. To be successful, most marques could no longer rely on a single one-size-fits-all strategy.

1971 Dodge Brochure, killing Dodge

1971 Dodge Brochure

When the Dodge Viper became the SRT Viper in 2013, I became convinced that Chrysler—really Fiat/Chrysler—intended to kill off the Dodge brand. The evidence was there: Pickup trucks had been rebranded Ram. The Durango big crossover was—and is—in need of a full redesign, and none was in the works. Likewise, the midsize Journey crossover was—and still is—riding on the bones of a stormy previous partnership with Mitsubishi, and no update was imminent. Finally, there was talk of moving the Challenger sporty coupe over to the SRT brand as well. With the Avenger midsize sedan being phased out, this left Dodge with the Dart—a competent but slow-selling compact sedan—and the aging Grand Caravan to soldier along with.

1959 Goggomobil Dart

The Goggomobil’s strange history includes a farm implement manufacturer in Germany and a factory in Punchbowl, Australia.

Note: This article is reprinted from the February 2015 issue of Collectible Automobile

By Jack Stewart

It was an unlikely chain of events: A farm-implement company in Dingolfing, Germany, making possible a sports car produced in Punchbowl, Australia. Yet, that’s the odd parentage of the Goggomobil Dart.

Dodge Dart Reliability

Our relationship with the Dart stayed warm over the past 12 months, even through the arctic chill that marked this winter.

2013 Dodge Dart Limited

Dates tested: 1/07/2013-1/13/2014

Miles driven: 10,926

Fuel used: 391.7 gallons

Real-world fuel economy: 27.9 mpg

About six months after Dodge resurrected the Dart name for a new compact sedan, a dark-grey, top-line Limited model arrived to begin a year-long evaluation.


Free Satellite Radio

To me, satellite radio is the greatest car feature since the stereo. After a lifetime of listening to the same old same-old on terrestrial radio, including the seven Fleetwood Mac Rumours songs that are played daily on every rock, oldies, and “light FM” station (am I right or am I right?), it’s liberating to have more than a hundred channels to choose from.

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

Test car came equipped with: 6-speed PowerTech automatic transmission, Technology Group, Premium Group, UConnect infotainment system, satellite radio, 17-inch polished aluminum wheels. Total MSRP with $795 destination = $24,695.

Dodge Dart Mopar Edition

2013 Dodge Dart Mopar Edition

At the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, Chrysler Group displayed its fourth Mopar Edition. This year, Mopar goes after the tuner crowd with a lowered, customized version of the compact Dodge Dart.


2013 Dodge Dart Rallye

Steve King and Johnnie Putman, Chicago radio personalities and car enthusiasts, are longtime friends of Consumer Guide Automotive. Click the video below for their latest car review. For more details on this feature-packed, all-new car, go to Consumer Guide Automotive’s review of the 2013 Dodge Dart.


Sergio Marchionne Quotes

Hot on the heels of the Ram 1500 pickup truck receiving North American Truck of the Year accolades, Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne spent a few minutes with journalists at the North American International Auto Show. Here are some highlights of that conversation:


2013 Dodge Dart, Quick Spin: Dodge Dart

“Dart” is an old name resurrected for a very modern new car. Last used by Dodge in the 1970s, it has now been applied to a front-wheel-drive compact sedan that replaces the slow-selling Caliber 4-door hatchback in Dodge showrooms.