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The 2014 Jeep Patriot Latitude starts at $23,395 (not including a $995 destination charge) in AWD guise.

2014 Jeep Patriot Latitude

Class: Compact Crossover

Miles Driven: 159


The 2013 Infiniti M Hybrid enjoys an EPA estimated 8 mpg advange over the base M37.

Consumer Guide Automotive2013 Infiniti M Hybrid (M35h)

Dates tested: 9/09/2013-9/23/2013

Miles Driven: 447


Was the Mustang II the product of savvy marketing, or was it just a lousy pony car? A 1978 King Cobra is shown here.

Bad things happened to the automobile in the early to mid Seventies. In a nutshell, fuel prices soared, safety and emissions regulations became more stringent, and American attitudes regarding cars and driving were in flux.

Around that time the muscle car died, Nixon updated his resume, and Big Hoss and Little Joe rode horses through a burning map for the last time.

2013 Chrysler 200 Touring

Our test Chrysler 200 sedan came with the S Package which includes these 18-inch wheels.

2013 Chrysler 200 Touring

Miles Driven: 248

Walmart Cars

We’re pretty sure there’s an obesity-epidemic joke here someplace. Long-time Chicagoans know that Jays are among the best potato chips on earth.

Everything we share here was found in the parking lot (or an adjacent lot) of the Walmart nearest Consumer Guide global headquarters at 8:35 this morning. If you’ve seen anything interesting of late, be sure to tell us about it. The place for comments is down below the last car. Cars of Walmart.


At a rated 150 horsepower, this ’72 AMC Gremlin sported a healthy performance advantage when compared with lesser models saddled with the standard 100-horsepower 232-inch six, or the available 110-horse 258-inch six.

Merriam-Webster defines a V8 as “an internal combustion engine having two banks of four cylinders each with the banks at an angle to each other.” While true enough, a dictionary definition of one of motoring’s finest achievements can’t begin to capture the intoxicating power of a well-tuned small-block’s exhaust burble.


2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

Dates tested: 8/21/2013-9/05/2013

Miles driven: 121

Driving mix: 60 percent city, 40 percent highway


The ProMaster is the Americanized cousin of the third-generation Fiat Ducato, the most popular full-size van in Europe.

When it comes to offering a commercial cargo van for 2014, Ram is dancing a familiar step but with a new partner. The ProMaster is based on an established design from Chrysler Group’s Italian parent Fiat. It fills a void left by the erstwhile Sprinter, another high-roof walk-in van that Ram’s predecessor, Dodge Truck, had been granted back when Chrysler was under the control of a certain German manufacturer known by its three-pointed star.

Car Ads Set at the Beach

Nothing screams “beach” like an economy car powered by a cranky Slant Six engine. But…include a fun-loving bikini-clad young lady poking through a sunroof, and you have the makings for a fine magazine ad. According to the ad, this ’73 Dodge Dart Sport could be made a lot more interesting by going with the available 318-inch V8.

A recent blog post by editor John Biel posed the question, “What’s with all the old ads showing cars by pools?” Sure enough, you can cruise online and locate dozens, if not hundreds, of vintage auto ads that feature the highlighted vehicle parked precariously close to an in-ground swimming pool. What makes these ads especially strange is that the driver of these vehicles is often wearing a suit. You can check out a few car-at-the-pool ads here.


The 2014 Jeep Cherokee, shown here in Trailhawk trim, is the first vehicle in Chrysler’s stable to sport the maker’s new 9-speed automatic transmission.

The nameplate is familiar: Cherokee. The vehicle it’s on isn’t.

Jeep’s 2014 replacement for the Liberty—the model-year-2002 successor to the first vehicles that were badged Cherokee—is still a midsize sport-utility vehicle, but now in the emergent crossover-SUV mold. That means down deep it is based on a car platform, the front-drive Alfa Romeo Giulietta/Dodge Dart. It offers a choice of two engines, including a new downsized version of Chrysler Group’s Pentastar V6, and marks the debut of a 9-speed automatic transmission. It gets fuel-mileage numbers that the last Cherokees sold in North America couldn’t have touched with the proverbial 10-foot pole, and it can be equipped with a host of technology features that didn’t even exist in ’01.

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