Coronavirus Word Search, Social Distancing

This word-search puzzle is best enjoyed with beer. We recommend a bright Polish Pilsner.

If you’re at all like us, odds are you’re going a little stir crazy right now. I know I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on, but I seem to have lost the ability to finish a magazine in a single sitting. Maybe you’re in the same boat.

While this word-search puzzle is a poor substitute for lunch with friends or a trip to the gym, we hope you find it at least a little distracting.

The puzzle below includes 29 hidden engine parts. As a bonus, the title of a short-lived sitcom from the late Seventies is also buried in there someplace. To identify the TV show, simply circle all the unused letters–they appear in order.

If you’re still bored, we invite you to check out our extensive collection of puzzles and quizzes here. There’s also a bunch of links below.

Please print this out for all the stir-crazy folks in your house.



Coronavirus Word Search: Engine Parts

Coronavirus Word Search: Engine Parts


Word List

Water PumpOil FilterRocker Arm
Timing Belt Head GasketConnecting Rod
Oil PanSpark PlugCylinder Head
Motor MountThrottle BodyBalance Shaft
Fuel InjectorIgnition Coil Valve
CrankcaseCamshaftMystery TV Show


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Coronavirus Word Search