Automotive Word Search
“Brougham” is just one of the 39 trim levels hidden in the word search below.

Has the summer heat got you down? Are you already tired of Weird Al Yankovic’s talk-show come-back tour? Well, here’s a chance to get away from it all. In fact, here’s a chance to get away from your computer. Just print out Classic -Car Word Search, Part 2: Trim Levels and set yourself down in a comfy chair. Your job, for the next hour or so, is to find 39 common trim level names, such as Brougham. Also buried below are two beloved Star Trek characters. Enjoy!

Classic Car Word Search

Classic-Car Word Search, Automotive Word Search
Find 39 trim-level monikers and 2 Star Trek Characters. Some letters may be used twice.

Dead Car Brands and Meat-Substitute Word Search

Classic-Car Word Search, Part 3: Buick Mega Challenge

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