Classic Ads From 1985

1985 Buick Electra

Which of the following events was more jarring? The addition of Elmo to the cast of Sesame Street, or the introduction of a front-wheel-drive Buick Electra? Both events, coincidentally, took place in 1985, and both events were met with a certain amount of grumbling.

For parents pressed to watch Sesame Street with their kids, the appearance of Elmo meant enduring a new segment of the popular children’s program aimed specifically at toddlers–something that made the show a tougher watch for parents of somewhat older kids. As for the Buick, the downsized, front-drive update of a brand staple unnerved many brand loyalists, most of whom weren’t buying the whole sportier/more-efficient argument.

Also interesting about 1985 is the number of turbocharged vehicles available for sale that year. Our somewhat randomly amassed collection of ads features four such vehicles. If you’ve ever spent time with any of the cars shown below, please tell us about it. We always appreciate hearing about the autos that once occupied our readers’ garages.

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Alfa Romeo GTV 6

Alfa Romeo GTV 6

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AMC Eagle SX/4

1985 AMC Eagle SX/4

1985 AMC Eagle SX/4

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Buick Electra

1985 Buick Electra, Classic Ads From 1985

1985 Buick Electra

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Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport

Chevrolet Celebrity

1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport

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Chrysler Town & Country

1985 Chrysler Town & Country

1985 Chrysler Town & Country

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Dodge 600 ES Convertible

1985 Dodge 600 Convertible

1985 Dodge 600 ES Convertible

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Dodge Daytona Turbo Z

1985 Dodge Daytona Z

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Ford Escort Turbo GT

1985 Ford Escort GT

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Honda Civic CRX HF

1985 Honda Civic CRX HF

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Oldsmobile Cruiser Wagons

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Pontiac Grand Am

1985 Canadian Pontiac Grand AM Ad

1985 Pontiac Grand Am (Canada)

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Volkswagen GTI

1985 Volkswagen Full-Line Ad

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