1979 Datusn Full-Line Ad, Ads Featuring the Entire Brand

1979 Datsun lineup

When automakers began moving their promotional dollars away from traditional print media and toward more targeted digital advertising, the nature of the ads themselves changed.

Now able to target potential customers by ages, likely income, and even gender, car marketers focus on specific models with their advertising. The car ads you see while surfing online are not random, they are meant for you. Specifically you.

A sad casualty of finely targeted digital advertising is the full-line ad. Once common, full-line ads often proudly presented a brand’s entire lineup, or, sometimes, every trim level of a certain model.

Presented here are ten classic full-line brochure and advertising pieces that are anything but examples of target marketing. Note, too, that full-line ads proved an excellent way for makers to share the full color palette available in any given year. Question: Were you aware that as recently as 1979 Datsun sold woodie wagons?

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Ads Featuring the Entire Brand