American Truck Ads

1949 Mexican-market Studebaker chassis-cab truck

Have you ever attended a party at a good friend’s house only to be stunned by all the people in attendance that you don’t know?

Even close friends have past lives—old jobs, distant relatives, neighbors—connections unknown to you. It can seem strange at first, but it makes sense. We can’t know everything about our friends–even ones we’ve known a long time.

Well, automakers are a little like your party-throwing friends. You think you know everything an auto builder makes and sells, and then you go and learn that the company has all sorts of connections you know nothing about.

The truck world can be especially surprising. Turns out that American-made and American-brand trucks have been sold in countries all over the world, and often in forms that seem, ahem, almost completely foreign.

Collected here is a gallery of print ads for American-brand trucks sold in other nations. Note, too, a couple of Fargo ads–Fargo was technically a foreign-market brand employed by Chrysler primarily in Canada and Mexico, though the trucks showed up in Europe as well.

More classic ads


American Truck Ads From Foreign Markets

1949 Studebaker

American Truck Ads

1949 Studebaker Ad (Mexico)

South Bend Madness! 10 Classic Studebaker Ads


1950 Fargo

1950 Fargo Ad

1950 Fargo Ad (Mexico)

South of the Border Madness! 10 Classic Mexican-Market Auto Ads


1953 Fargo

1953 Fargo

1953 Fargo Ad

Canadian Confusion: GM’s Short-Lived Passport Dealerships


1961 Fargo

1961 Fargo Ad

1961 Fargo Ad

Mass-Transit Madness! A Gallery of Classic Bus Ads


1961 Ford

1961 Ford Ad

1961 Ford Ad (Canada)

My 5 Favorite Pickups


1961 Jeep

1961 Jeep Ad (Brazil)

What Was the Ford F-1000?


1964 Chevrolet

1964 Chevrolet Ad (Brazil) , General Motors Do Brasil

1964 Chevrolet Ad (Brazil)

Grabowsky Madness! 10 Classic GMC Ads


1965 Ford

Ford Pickup Ad, F-100

1965 Ford Ad (Brazil)

Bulldog Madness! 10 Classic Mack Truck Ads


1971 Dodge

1971 Dodge Ad (Australia), Dodge Canter

1971 Dodge Ad (Australia)

Aussie Madness! 12 Classic Ute Ads


1973 Chrysler

1973 Chrysler Valiant Rustler Ad (South Africa)

1973 Chrysler Valiant Rustler Ad (South Africa)

Pentastar Madness! A Gallery of Classic Chrysler Ads


1983 Jeep

Vam Jeep Mexico

1973 Jeep Pickup Ad (Mexico)

4WD Madness! 10 Classic Jeep Ads


2000 Chevrolet

2000 Chevrolet Cheyenne Ad (Mexico)

2000 Chevrolet Cheyenne Ad (Mexico)

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