1967 Pontiac Grand Prix, Classic Car Ads: Pontiac Grand Prix
1967 Grand Prix

Talk about a good run. The Grand Prix, introduced for the 1962 model year, remained in continuous production until 2008. During that time its mission change a few times. Grand Prix started out as a premium coupe, and was for a time the most-expensive Pontiac ever offered. Premium versions of the Bonneville and Firebird Trans Am would eventually claim the priciest-Pontiac title.

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Pontiac Grand Prix: Classic Car Ads

A complex entity, the Grand Prix was usually a personal-luxury car, was at times a full-size car, often a midsize car, and at times—arguably—a luxury car. The GP was also a coupe, convertible, and later in life a sedan.

The Grand Prix was also very popular for most of its run, racking up big sales numbers during the personal-luxury-car heyday of the mid Seventies. If you’re a child of the Seventies and Eighties as I am, you recall that cool dads and uncles drove a Grand Prix, unless they were better off, then they drove a Chrysler Cordoba.

Collected here is a series of Grand Prix print ads spanning the storied Pontiac’s entire run. If you’ve ever spent time behind the wheel of a Grand Prix, tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.


1962 Pontiac Grand Prix
1962 Grand Prix

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1967 Grand Prix
1967 Grand Prix

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1972 Pontiac Grand Prix
1972 Grand Prix

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1977 Pontiac Grand Prix
1977 Grand Prix

Bank Run: My Boss’s Grand Prix and $15,000 in Cash



1980 Pontiac Midsize Lineup
1980 Pontiac Midsize Lineup

1993 Twin Dual Cam GT: The Last Manual-Transmission Pontiac Grand Prix



1985 Grand Prix
1985 Grand Prix

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1988 General Motors
1988 General Motors

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1992 Pontiac Grand Prix
1992 Grand Prix

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2004 Pontiac Grand Prix
2004 Grand Prix

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Classic Car Ads: Grand Prix Gallery

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Classic Car Ads: Pontiac Grand Prix

Cheap Wheels: 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix STE Turbo

Classic Car Ads: Pontiac Grand Prix

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