Nissan Leaf in Pamplona

. . . in Pamplona, during the Running of the Bulls.

When you drive a Nissan Leaf or some other all-electric car, you’re always in danger of running out of charge on the road. And if you run out, you’re screwed. There’s no such thing as a portable charger. Unless you can push the car to an electrical outlet, you’re stranded until a truck arrives to haul it to a charging station.

Fahrvergnügen (and 4 Other Obnoxious Automotive Marketing Terms)

Electric vehicle owners are said to suffer from “range anxiety,” meaning the fear of running out of charge and being stranded. I drove a Leaf for a few days and I began to experience range anxiety dreams. Tossing and turning in a cold sweat, I envisioned myself being stranded . . .

. . . on a drawbridge . . . right before it goes up.


. . . during a Tea Party rally. Those $7,500 federal government handouts to well-off EV owners don’t sit well with this group.


. . . in Nebraska. Did you know it’s 450 miles from Scottsbluff to Omaha?


. . at the Masters. They get very testy at Augusta when things aren’t just so.


. . . at Arby’s.


. . . and finally, on Clint Eastwood’s lawn. He would have been mightily ticked off in “Gran Torino.”

Is It Just Us, or Do a Lot of Cars Look Like Stormtroopers These Days?








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